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A security software company that lets its hair down?

If that sounds like a bad thing, you don't know Nteligen.

Those other software engineering companies just can’t compete.

We solve complex software engineering problems for cross domain solutions, data security, secure data storage, and workflow protection. Our corporate customers appreciate both our acumen and approachable attitude. And our government customers sleep tight knowing we never miss a detail.  Family, teamwork, and community involvement mean everything to us.


Preventing Data Spills 101: Finding the ‘Monsters’ in Your Container Files

A poltergeist that poaches your data.  A goblin that gains access to your files.  A vampire that sucks the life out of your hard drive.   Sound scary? They’re not. You’d see these guys coming from a mile away. The biggest threats to your data are the monsters that you can’t see. The hidden monsters

On-Campus Interviews at UMD on Oct. 23

We’re conducting on-campus interviews at the University of Maryland on Thursday, October 23. Hope to see you there! Learn more about our opportunities for college students and recent grads here. READ MORE

Do Dogs Really Need Fitbits? Thoughts on the Internet of Things

I recently read a Cyberwire article about the Senior Executive Cyber Security Conference. Dr. Avi Rubin, who is a professor at Johns Hopkins University, gave a presentation about hacking the Internet of Things. Basically, we’re exposing vulnerabilities that have the potential to be hacked simply for the convenience READ MORE