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What makes us tick

Intelligent. Innovative. Industry-leading. Blah. Blah. Blah.

Most custom software development companies have a similar message. But how often do buzzwords like these become the solutions you need?

The credibility is in the capability – and the people behind it. Every day, our engineers prove their competence and confidence by creating the solutions our customers can’t do without.

Nteligen: the next generation

IT Employee: “Hey, I think we’re gonna need some help over here.”
Manager: “Quick – call those two guys!”

For a while, Nteligen existed in the shadow of Joe Karolchik and John Spicer, who founded their own custom software development company so that they could focus on their first love: software engineering.

As additional passionate developers have joined the team, Nteligen has grown to encompass the collective effort to put high-quality software development front and center.

Nteligen is now known for its overall mission: meeting the industry’s toughest challenges while delivering 100% secure software to clients – all with no B.S. whatsoever.

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What We Do

Nail nitty-gritty details: It’s how we create the secure channels you need.

Fix fubar software: Our guys and gals fix code that’s been, well, jacked up.

Buffer against corporate balderdash: We snip the red tape before it ever reaches our clients or employees.

Revere our staff: People who prioritize great software are treated like stars – never step-children.

What We Don’t Do

Take every job that comes down the pike: Regular, old IT work bores us to tears. Don’t even ask.

Put butts in seats: Single-person contract vacancies? Please. We’re all about the team.

Thump the rulebook: People always trump policy – whether they’re on the payroll or they’re paying us.

Play games during the workday: Our motivation comes from solving hard problems and playing on a great team.

talk’n tech

talk’n tech


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