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Creative Software Reuse


Paving New Roads in Technology

Did you exit the highway at any point during this morning’s commute? Could you imagine a highway without exits at all?

We tend to think of custom software as a highway of sorts, and that’s why we build extensions that help our customers get where they want to go.

Defining Creative Software Reuse

Creative software reuse is how we refer to our highly helpful process of creating extensions from the custom software we already deliver. All so your organization can be that much more efficient and primed for growth.

The Nteligen Difference

Not many software technology development firms can boast that they’ve authored many of the industry’s best practices. But we refuse to rest on our laurels. Our success has come from pushing ourselves farther than engineers at most firms. We don’t just build to spec but rather use our own ideas to develop useful, new technologies for your organization.


Our engineers develop complex custom software every day and then derive even more creative and effective solutions from there.

Visit our Solutions page and our Case Studies page to learn more about our past projects and capabilities.

Major Benefits When You Work with Nteligen

Get a helpful extension to your already-successful custom software.

Save the money you would have spent on a whole new solution.

Avoid all the headaches typically associated with software development.

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