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Software Expertise in SE Linux, Android, and Solaris


Avoiding the All-or-Nothing Trap

Getting just what you need – nothing more, nothing less – can sometimes seem like a lost cause as you deal with the various effects of bloatware:

  • Slower speeds while downloading and uploading files
  • Less storage space because of excess files
  • Lower battery life for your devices
  • And more


The Nteligen Difference

We’re a bona fide operating system expert when it comes to the software required to run SE Linux, Solaris, and Android. Our engineers will pull your OS completely apart and reassemble it with exactly what your end users need to run it. All with no fuss or muss whatsoever.


We’re capable of customizing software for all areas of expertise, but our skill is best demonstrated through one particular project: a system with trusted platform architecture that we deployed on a custom distribution of Linux. We built only what was necessary to ensure minimal functionality for the end user.

Learn more about the other ways we’ve served as an operating system expert for software by reading our Solutions page and our Case Studies page.

Major Benefits When You Work with Nteligen

Experience less frustration than you ever thought possible.

Never send a single feature to the chop shop again.

Rest assured based on our decades of experience developing security-based software and custom distributions of Linux.

Are Your OS’s Features Really Nothing but Distractions?

It IS possible to have a 100% customized OS. That’s why we have several operating system expert team members.

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