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Custom Software Engineering


Feel 100% Confident in Your Solution

Getting you comfortable and acclimated should be every software engineering firm’s priority. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case.

We’ve found that success hinges on an effective process that allow us to help you identify a problem, break it into manageable pieces, and solve it – all through close collaboration that starts with validating your project.

There’s Power in the Process

Ineffective processes usually turn into two things:

(1) Time distractors
(2) Financial disasters

Both of those put your corporation or government agency in jeopardy.

The other potential distractor? B.S. It’s seemingly inevitable in the software engineering world. That’s why we go above and beyond to shield our customers  from all unpleasantness during the process.

The Nteligen Difference

A Good Software Engineering Firm Is Bigger Than the Platforms It Uses

Our customers are powerhouses at what they do. But they don’t always know what they need included with their custom software solutions. That’s why we place such importance on defining and validating the project before work begins.

We believe that the best software companies work collaboratively with their customers throughout the software development process. That’s the only way to get you the custom software solutions you deserve – while helping you avoid significant drains to your time, energy, and budget.


Our engineers use open source tools to lay out the software methodology, integrating multiple capabilities into one seamless flow to include

  • automation;
  • configuration management;
  • defect tracking;
  • peer review;
  • and more.

Read our Solutions page and our Case Studies page to learn more about our past successful projects. 

Major Benefits When You Work with Nteligen

Never worry about life cycle – our software engineering firm never compromises.

Get your project sized appropriately for your budget and timeline.

Feel confident that your software will be successful from day one.

Put Your Money Where the Process Is

Software engineering requires so much more than simply producing results. It means starting your engine being 100% ready to drive.

Learn more about what our software engineering could do for your organization – contact our team members at or (443) 864-5042.

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