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The #1 Thing that Should Drive Training Content Development

Some software development companies leave their customers in the lurch when it comes to training content development. They’d rather show you the coolest aspects of what they’ve come up than train you on more mundane features that you’ll use every day.

The consequences?

  • You nearly pull your hair out trying to troubleshoot on your own.
  • Your company coffers run dry paying for additional training resources.
  • You lose credibility as your boss questions your decision-making skills.


The Nteligen Difference

Defining Your Driver’s Seat

Unlike your average software development firm, we prepare our corporate and government customers for any and all challenges that will appear in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Then we decide on the ideal delivery method for training. And it all starts with defining your driver’s seat.

  • What’s your role in the company?
  • Where does the software integrate with your daily tasks?
  • How can we train you most effectively based on your exact needs?
  • And more



We create training content development resources in the format that fits our customers best. Here’s a sample of the resources we deliver most often. 

  • Manuals
  • PowerPoints
  • Learning exercises
  • And more

Visit our Solutions page and our Case Studies page to learn more.

Major Benefits When You Work with Nteligen

Get tailored training based on your position and responsibilities. Learn exactly what you need to excel.

Rest assured about our experience. Our engineers have tailored training programs to more positions than we can count.

Never pull your hair out again. Don’t even consider paying for additional training. We’ve got this.

Are You 100% Prepared for the Road Ahead?

Learning new software takes time. And generic training just doesn’t cut it.

Get truly customized training content development for your next software project. To learn more, contact our team members at (443) 864-5042 or

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