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Enhancing National Security Through Data Protection

Nteligen’s mission is to enhance national security by reducing the risk of sharing information by:

  • Providing thought leadership that enables future data-sharing missions in a cyber-safe manner
  • Elevating the understanding of risk in information sharing
  • Helping vendors improve their product security posture
  • Delivering technology that securely shares information

We are driven by:

  • Owning the solutions we provide,
  • Understanding problems before generating solutions
  • Being proud of the work we provide
  • Doing the hard work that others shy away from
  • Inspiring new cybersecurity innovators

Nteligen is a customer-driven company that truly cares about the solutions we provide.

National Security Includes Your Systems and Files

Nteligen has a unique approach and expertise to tackle unauthorized access, malware, and inadvertent sharing of data, providing a safe channel through which you can share complex file data securely.

Protect your Important Information:

  • Malware detection and mitigation – Protection from zero-day attacks
  • Deep-content inspection and sanitization – Protect your information from data attacks, data hiding, and data disclosure
  • Secure platform architectures – Meet NIST 800-53, CNSS 1253, and NSA security guidelines


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What We Do

Nail nitty-gritty details: It’s how we create the secure channels you need.

Fix fubar software: Our guys and gals fix code that’s been, well, jacked up.

Buffer against corporate balderdash: We snip the red tape before it ever reaches our clients or employees.

Revere our staff: People who prioritize great software are treated like stars – never step-children.

What We Don’t Do

Take every job that comes down the pike: Regular, old IT work bores us to tears. Don’t even ask.

Put butts in seats: Single-person contract vacancies? Please. We’re all about the team.

Thump the rulebook: People always trump policy – whether they’re on the payroll or they’re paying us.

Play games during the workday: Our motivation comes from solving hard problems and playing on a great team.

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