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Case Studies


Read our featured case studies to learn more about the results you could expect.

Case Study A


Network users at the organization needed access to different levels of information – but without compromising data security.


Working from the application stack down to the OS, Nteligen’s engineers applied content inspection and filtration according to approved policy.

The final product included the following elements:

  • recursive, deep content inspections and sanitization of file-based data
  • 2-way file transfer
  • key management

The solution extended from the systems level to the applications level and included a platform design aspect as well as custom processing hardware.


Nteligen’s engineers achieved 100% secure file sharing in multi-level security environments for this organization.

Where users have access to common shared storage, data is able to be stored and shared among users with different levels of data access approval.

Case Study B


Nteligen was a teammate on a recent large software acquisition where several major corporations were planning to submit prime contractor bids.  In working with our team, it became obvious that the company acting as a prime was lacking in process maturity compared to the other primes.


Nteligen’s management team requested to meet with the prime contractor’s management team to review internal practices and procedures related to the acquisition.  As a result of the review, Nteligen identified numerous potential management gaps that needed to be addressed.

Nteligen offered a candid assessment of the gaps to the prime, along with the suggestion that they couldn’t win without investing in serious improvements to their internal management structure.  In our feedback, we pointed out the areas where the prime, compared to other competitors, was lacking in the ability to compete.


The outcome was a concentrated process improvement effort, including development of new management practices, professional training, and hiring of an outside consultant prior to the release of the request for proposal. This focused effort to create process maturity resulted in a significantly stronger proposal response that ultimately was the winning approach.

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