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Software Development Can Get Ugly. You Need an Advocate!

Ever worked with a corporate computer security company that let you down? Did it feel like you were over-promised and under-delivered?

We know the feeling. It’s the worst.

That’s why we go out of our way to make you feel 100% confident that our approach is both realistic and will result in great software.

Commitment to Corporate Success

Don’t let our list of government customers fool you. We’re passionate about corporate computer security. Period.

Our founders aren’t just software engineers. They’re also business owners. That’s why we identify the corporate computer security solution you NEED – not the one we can sell you.

Say No to Unrealistic Sales Pitches, Yes to Real Solutions.

The last team you worked with may have been highly competent. But if they didn’t deliver the corporate computer security solution you needed – AND stand up for you in the face of conflict – you can do better. Much better.

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What does corporate computer security mean to you? It’s more than antivirus engines, intrusion protection, and a firewall.

We can do it all: Advanced security controls and secure file-sharing, deep content inspection and file format validation, filter orchestration frameworks, threat analysis, and more.

Visit our Solutions page and our Case Studies page to learn more.

We’re Not Name-Droppers, But…

The corporate customers who comprise our roster are pretty amazing.

We work with: Fortune 500, industry award-winning, & expert manufacturers of high-security boundary devices.

Sound like good company?

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talk’n tech


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