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Cross Domain Solutions


Stop Stains and Drains to Your Organization

Do you have any friends who make you confiscate all food and drink before they’ll let you enter their cars? These die-hards have higher standards for their rides than most people.

Cross domain solutions address a similar problem in the data security world, where different networks often have vastly different standards for acceptable data. And the consequences for poorly designed solutions can be severe:

  • Draconian policy could prevent data from flowing between networks.
  • Unintended recipients could get their hands on confidential data.
  • Viruses could line up to infect your system.

These issues with secure data sharing happen all the time. In fact, they may have already happened to your organization.

Defining Cross Domain Solutions

Cross domain solutions act as security guards between highly secure networks that have different classification levels.

Let’s say, for example, you want to send data between two networks with different classification levels. Before your data enters the new network, it will be inspected for any metaphorical “soda cans” and other no-nos. Any unacceptable content that is detected will be dumped before the data is sent on its way.

And that’s just the beginning.

Cross domain solutions comprise several elements to ensure that your data transfer between networks is

  • accessible and not blocked by hardware;
  • confidential from unintended recipients; and
  • filtered for malware, viruses, and other threats.


The Nteligen Difference

Vast Vulnerability Expertise Makes Us True Cross Domain Specialists

We consider cross domain solutions one of our specialties. And for a good reason:

Our engineers authored the industry’s current best practices for decomposition-based inspection and sanitization.

Why not go straight to the source?

The Right Kind of Focus: Your Business Before Our Budget

We’re much more likely to ask “how can we solve your problem?” before we ask “how much money do you have left in the budget?”

It’s one of our core values and one we’re proudest of.

Our Capabilities

Our engineers have created cross domain solutions to protect data being sent across an unlimited number of data trust levels, including classified networks.

Visit our Solutions page and our Case Studies page to learn more.

Major Benefits When You Work with Nteligen

Set it and forget it – one service protects you from 100% of threats.

Sleep tight knowing that new threats really…aren’t.

Never worry about an unintended recipient diving into your data.

Say No to Stains on Your Name for Good

We’d rather not talk about the risks your corporation or government agency  faces if you don’t have cross domain solutions. They’re not pretty.

Keep your organization moving at top speed with secure data sharing you can trust. Contact our team members today at (443) 864-5042 or

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