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Solutions for Defense and Military Intelligence

As a government agency decision-maker, you care about several things:

Supporting mission requirements.

Delivering solutions on time and on budget.


You also want yourself and your agency to look like the consummate pros. And that means contracting the right cyber engineering company the first time.

Seeking Top Cyber Engineering? You’ve Come to the Right Place.

We never want you to regret hiring us (and we know you won’t!). But we have way too much pride to set the bar that low.

You deserve a solution for the real problems you face. And an industry partner that will make your problems their problems.

An A-1 Customer List

It’s been humbling to work with some of the brightest minds in the Baltimore-Washington intelligence community.


Making History with Cyber Engineering

To help earn your trust, we could list several successful projects. But we think this one sums it up pretty well.

We were the architects for one of the most influential CDS solutions ever.  

Here’s what else we bring to the table…


Our engineers are capable of developing software solutions around trusted platforms while achieving the highest level of security.

Services we perform most often include…

  • Advanced security controls
  • Deep content inspection
  • File format validation
  • Filter orchestration frameworks
  • Secure file sharing
  • Threat analysis
  • And more

Visit our Solutions page and our Case Studies page to learn more.

Our Legacy of Success with Cyber Engineering

Nteligen was destined to be a top cyber engineering firm. For years, our founders were called on by government agencies eager for their expertise.

Today, Nteligen is about our current and future team members. Our entire company is capable of delivering the high-tech security solutions you demand. That’s because we have the industry’s highest standards for the engineers we hire.

Trust Us to Be the Architects of Your Next Project

Did the last cyber engineering firm you contracted let you down? That doesn’t have to happen again.

Trust the architects of one of the industry’s most influential CDS solutions to solve your challenge with a smile. Contact any of our team members today at (443) 864-5042 or

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