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Data Borne Threat Mitigation


Protect Your Network from Hitchhiking Data

Ever think about picking up a hitchhiker?

Even if she looks like the consummate professional, you don’t know what’s in her briefcase. And it’s just not worth the risk.

Different Strokes for Different…Data Entry Points

It’s easy to prevent creepy hitchhikers from threatening your personal safety. All you have to do is keep on driving.

Put your malware detection on cruise control, however, and you might be blindsided as early as this afternoon. Dangerous data borne threats can crop up in corporate and government networks at least daily – if not every hour.

Consider these possibilities:

  • It’s just too easy to accidentally cc an unintended recipient.
  • That mundane video attachment could unleash a monster virus.
  • The PDF you just opened could contain hidden data-stealing code.

It’s only a matter of time before lackadaisical malware detection puts your reputation on the line.

Defining Data Borne Threat Mitigation

Picture a security officer who opens a suspicious briefcase, removes all questionable material, and then backs over that material several times with a semi-truck.

Data borne threat mitigation is the same thing…with data-sharing, that is.

Solid data protection evaluates the network threats posed by different data types and destroys any deviant content on the spot.

The Nteligen Difference

Creators, Not Integrators

Any old body can explain a concept, or even tell you an anecdote about it. But to write the software that implements industry standards for threat mitigation, including malware prevention?

Now that takes true understanding. 

You can feel confident in Nteligen because our engineers wrote the software that implements the industry standard for data borne threat mitigation and similar data protection mechanisms.


We ensure airtight data borne threat mitigation based on a fundamental understanding of the following file types:

  • Audio and video files
  • Graphics
  • Text files
  • Unpublished and open file formats
  • And more

We protect your network based on an infinite number of filtration touchpoints, including the following:

  • Cloud Level. Push files securely from your mobile device.
  • Desktop Level. Send emails without worrying about back-door threats.
  • Enclave Level. Share your private corporate data and personally identifiable information safely with select desktop users.
  • Trusted Enterprise Level. Give strategic partners safe access to proprietary data.

Visit our Solutions page and our Case Studies page to learn more.

Major Benefits When You Work with Nteligen

Most companies build data protection around individual threats. But our solutions are built to give you sufficient options to ensure successful, safe file transfer.

Customize filtration based on data type. Choose between application, direction, or user.
Safeguard select information only. Protect the data you care about most – nothing more, nothing less.
Drastically reduce data interruptions. Look at your data intelligently, and stop being held hostage by draconian rules.

Quit Cruising When it Comes to Data Borne Threats

If you’ve been cruising along with your current data protection system – or no system at all – it’s high time to reevaluate.

Trust the authors of the industry’s fundamental data borne threat mitigation system. For more information, contact any of our team members at (443) 864-5042 or

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