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No Sugar-Coating, Gold-Plating, or White-Washing

Did the last software development firm you worked with tell it like it is?

Most don’t.

Too often, the results you get aren’t based on what you really need. They’re based on what proposal managers think they can sell.

The Nteligen difference? We satisfy not only the contract, but also the mission. All with zero compromise on process whatsoever.

Who We Work With

Corporate Customers

Our corporate customers are a diverse group, with teams ranging from 30 to 30,000 people. A few things they have in common?

  • Fortune 500 status
  • Numerous industry awards
  • Expertise in manufacturing high-security boundary devices


Government Customers

It’s always a pleasure working with some of the intelligence community’s top organizations:


Customer Relationship Philosophy

“If It Ain’t Broke…

…you don’t need to replace it.”

We couldn’t agree more. But there’s a flip-side to that:

If it is broken, you need to do something about it.

Our flexible approach to security software solutions addresses the meat of your problem while also meeting your budget.

Simple, right? Here’s how we do it:

Be Brutally Honest (But Put it Nicely)

Check out Case Study B.

Tackle the Tough Problems that Most Firms Avoid

Last time we checked, “crap-buffering” wasn’t listed as a professional skill on LinkedIn. Yet we spend a large part of our day acting as a liaison for difficult project dynamics.

Software support is a complex process, and sometimes, things can get ugly. But we never shy away from conflict. We’re willing to take the heat with our customers to resolve a situation.

Deliver Products Freakishly Fast (for a Software Development Firm)

Rapid prototypes? No problem!

We slash as much red tape as possible so we can be 100% hands-on.

It’s something that both our corporate and government customers find especially refreshing.

Learn More

Visit the pages below to learn more about our public and private sector customers.

Corporate Customers 
Government Customers 

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