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We provide full life-cycle software engineering for cross domain solutions, data security, data distribution, and workflow protection.

Cross Domain Solutions Development

Many companies claim to be experts in cross domain solutions, but few have the low-level technical knowledge of how those systems work. Nteligen’s engineers have created the logic and the software code that drives the CDS products we work with.

Nteligen provides system engineering and software engineering leadership in the development of cross domain solutions for our government customers. Our engineering team is involved in all aspects of development, including system architecture, requirements definition, technology creation, test and validation, field deployment, and operational support.  Our experience encompasses development and support throughout the entire certification process, including the TSABI and SABI requirements.

Nteligen has in-depth knowledge of the challenges presented when trying to transfer complex file data between security domains. To ensure compliance with security policy, our engineers have created data filters designed to inspect, sanitize, and verify complex data types. In addition, we have created an orchestration engine that allows multi-format archive data types to be recursively decomposed into basic elements for inspection and sanitization. Deep content inspection is the only way to truly guarantee that data is compliant with policy.

Research and Prototyping of Next Generation Cross Domain Solutions

Nteligen has developed a universal filter orchestration engine designed to integrate with other cross domain solutions in adherence with community standards such as the Filter Componentization Effort (FCE). The new engine operates as a guard agnostic component that offers multiple decision points in file processing, allowing for more flexibility in policy definition, robust data processing pipelines, and reduced lifecycle cost for guard development.

Commercial Software Prototyping

Nteligen provides build-to-spec software solutions to commercial customers. Prototype examples that have been created for our customers include a mobile data at rest encrypted storage package, secure mobile data storage using a locked-down hypervisor on a mobile device, and stand-alone file format filters for off-platform inspection and sanitization processing.

Commercial Software Solutions for Workflow Protection

Our team has applied file format inspection and sanitization to multiple business process workflows to demonstrate how custom file filtration can securely enable the workflow. For example, integrating an email gateway, a multi-source malware scan engine, and filtration software allows for in-depth inspection and sanitization of mail traffic. In addition, filtration integrated into a cloud-sharing service permits scanning for policy compliance before data is shared with cloud users.

A Full Range of Solutions

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The Nteligen Difference

Delivering top-notch software solutions depends on so much more than programming, testing, and other tasks. It requires a solid process. An understanding of your needs. And a willingness to take one for the team.

Most Baltimore-Washington technology consulting firms aren’t very good at predicting and taking punches for their clients  while developing outstanding security software at the same time. But those two facets are equally important to us no matter what software service we’re providing.

The Product AND Process You Deserve

Have you been 100% satisfied with the technology consulting firms you’ve worked with? Even if you got a decent product out of them, you may have suffered unnecessary bumps and bruises along the way. And that’s not okay.

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