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Test and System Vulnerability Assessment


Ensuring a Foundation of Security

Chances are, you wouldn’t feel comfortable working in a building that was missing load-bearing walls.

Yet, you might just be working with a computer system that has flaws in its basic architecture.

Failing to test and conduct system vulnerability assessments can lead to undetected issues that could contribute to the erosion of your organization’s security. Luckily, there’s something you can do about it.

Defining Test and System Vulnerability Assessment

A test and system architecture assessment is our team’s way of identifying critical flaws that your organization might be vulnerable to.

We study your system and analyze our findings to find out if anything is awry so that you can feel 100% confident about your security.

The Nteligen Difference

Most security software companies approach a system vulnerability assessment on the surface level. They might look for vulnerabilities while your system is running and maybe try to hack into your system – and that’s about it.

The Nteligen difference? Our engineers dig deeper to complete a thorough engineering and architectural analysis of your systems. We look at the security architecture and how your system is built, then run tests to verify and identify any security flaws in the architecture. We look for anything and everything that might prevent your system from being accredited as a secure communications tool.


Our in-depth process has helped us identify some of the most elusive system vulnerabilities within our customers’ systems.

To learn more about the kinds of systems we work with, read the project profiles on our Solutions page and our Case Studies page.

Major Benefits When You Work with Nteligen

Rest assured that your systems are highly secured, 24/7.
Address architecture-level security issues that could lead to future breaches.
Focus more energy and resources on growing your organization.

Get the Confidence You Deserve

Surface-level systems analysis leads to nothing but surface-level confidence in your security. You deserve an in-depth application vulnerability assessment.

To learn more about our success with identifying the most elusive system security risks, contact our team members at (443) 864-5042 or

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