We engineer resilience.

Reducing the Risk of

Sharing Information

As experts in cybersecurity, we apply a proven approach called Proactive Cyber Threat Mitigation™. We look at the world radically different from others. We assume YOU WILL be compromised. This assumption requires a different way of thinking about your cyber strategy. And our approach is simultaneously, offensive and defensive.

Our mission is to enhance national security by reducing the risk of sharing information.

Many companies build and protect… no one does it like Nteligen.

For more than a decade, Nteligen® has been engineering resiliency for corporate and Federal government customers.

Our story is one of engineering, collaboration, and problem solving. Complex problem solving.

This is where we excel.

We are the experts to the experts in cyber engineering.



Ntegrity Center

An independent assessment lab able to certify solutions to government standards



Experience leading architecture and design of AFT, starting with version 1.0


Boot Deficiencies

Wrote “Secure Boot Deficiencies,” published by AFRL in 2020, document AFRL-RI-RS-TR-2020-150


Proactive Cyber Threat Mitigation Approach

A unique approach that assumes YOU WILL be compromised. And an approach that is simultaneously, offensive and defensive.


Cross-Domain Solutions Specialists

Our resiliency engineers authored the industry’s current best practices for CDS decomposition-based inspection and sanitization.


Experts to the Experts

Companies and Federal Agencies come to us with complex engineering and cyber challenges. The types of challenges most organizations describe as, “They can’t be done.”

Keep Your Organization Safe, Thriving, and Resilient.