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Reducing the Risk of Sharing Information

Nteligen has a unique approach and expertise to tackle unauthorized access, malware, and inadvertent sharing of data, providing a safe channel through which you can share complex file data securely.

We protect your data by detecting and mitigating against zero-day attacks and through deep-content inspection and sanitization using secure platform guidelines.

The Nteligen Mission

Our mission consists of these five pillars:


Provide thought leadership that enables future data-sharing missions in a cyber-safe manner


Elevate the understanding of risk in information sharing


Help vendors improve their product security posture


Deliver technology that securely shares information


Build resiliency into every aspect of your enterprise

We Are Driven By Our Core Values

  • Own the solutions we provide
  • Understand problems before generating solutions
  • Be a workplace worth bragging about
  • Do the hard work that others are afraid to do
  • Inspire new cybersecurity innovators

Nteligen is a customer-driven company that truly cares about the solutions we provide.

National Security Includes Your Systems and Files

Nteligen®’s unique approach, Proactive Cyber Threat MitigationTM combined with our expertise to tackle unauthorized access, malware, and inadvertent sharing of data, provides you with a safe channel to share complex file data securely.

Protect your Important Information:

  • Malware Detection and Mitigation – Protect your organization from zero-day attacks.
  • Deep-Content Inspection and Sanitization – Protect your information from data attacks, data hiding, and data disclosure.
  • Secure Platform Architectures – Meet NIST SP 800-53, CNSS 1253, and NSA security guidelines.
  • Cross-Domain Solutions – Build “security guard” solutions between highly secure networks with different classification levels.

Cross-Domain Solutions – Our Specialty

Solutions That Act As Security Guards

Cross-Domain Solutions (CDS) is one of our specialties. And for a good reason. Our resiliency engineers authored the industry’s current best practices for decomposition-based inspection and sanitization.

Cross-Domain Solutions act as security guards between highly secure networks that have different classification levels. And engineering teams have created CDS to protect data sent across an unlimited number of data trust levels, including classified networks.

Here’s a quick and simple example of how CDS works. You send data to a network with a different classification level. Before your data enters the intended network, your data is inspected for all unacceptable content. The unacceptable content is then removed (“dumped”) before the data is sent to the intended recipient.

And this is just the beginning.

Cross-Domain Solutions comprise numerous complex elements to ensure your data transfer between networks is:

  • Accessible and not blocked by hardware or software
  • Delivered only to the intended recipients
  • Filtered for malware, viruses, and other threats
  • Filtered for content, not meeting CDS data sharing rules

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